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Dee Hansen, President

Mr. Hansen has applied his Master's Degree in Real Estate from Johns Hopkins in many ways throughout his commercial real estate career. Starting out in sales and project management, he was able to get a ground level view of property development. From that point, he has steadily climbed through many positions mastering the strong points of property development such as analyst, broker, and project manager. Mr. Hansen has successfully closed a combined $300,000,000 in transactions that range from raw ground, office, and multi-family to retail properties. Having such a broad mixture of property listing types has given him the insight necessary to start his own diverse property development company. He provides professional, first-class commercial real estate services that take a customer-first approach. The DRH Company is built around his mission of understanding client goals and then delivering a successful and creative solution. 

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Brynn Ferguson, Office Manager

The DRH Company prides itself on having a professional, hard working, dedicated commercial real estate team and Brynn Ferguson represents all of these values and more. Through former property development positions, she has been able to experience all aspects of the commercial development spectrum. Applying these skill-sets at The DRH Company has helped her prove essential in many areas and has further enabled the company to provide valuable services to their clientele. The DRH Company strives to provide personal service to each client and Brynn Ferguson helps them attain this level of service through the group she helped create. They want to be integral in both tenant and investors success and by offering end-to-end commercial real estate services, they help their clients meet those goals. The foundation of their success lies in the abilities of people like Brynn Ferguson and her dedication to clients of The DRH Company.


Archie McDonnel, Director of Acquisition and Investment

Mr. McDonnel joined the DRH team in early 2017 and has brought his hard work ethic and eager attitude toward Real Estate. Archie graduated in 2018 with a Masters of Real Estate Development from the University of Utah. Along with his degrees, Archie has obtained a City Planning Certificate and is a licensed Real Estate Agent. Since graduating with his Master’s Degree, Archie has excelled in the development and investment side of Real Estate by managing multiple projects at any given time and procuring funding for projects. Before moving into the world of Real Estate, he worked in a fast-paced environment circled around the world of Banking, Finance and Project Management.


Adelyn Cummins, Marketing Specialist

Adelyn joined the DRH team in March, she is a hard worker and loves to learn. She brings a positive, fun energy to the office that is addictive. She has become a great asset to the company as she is a fast learner, resourceful, and is willing to contribute in any way that she can. Adelyn is currently in school finishing her degree through LDSBC.